This is a Sri Lankan NIC Converter. Also, it is known as NIC to DoB calculator or date of birth finder. Many of you aware that National Identity Card (NIC) number encoded candidate’s date of birth, gender, and eligibility to vote. Sri Lanka old NIC number has 9 numbers and an alphabetic letter. New NIC number comes with 12 numbers. If you want to convert between new to old, use this OLD to NEW NIC convert tool.

NIC to DoB calculator

You can enter the NIC number and then click on the “Convert” button. You have to input National Identity Card number in valid format either in old or new method. Example: Enter 820149894V or 198201409894.

If you enter invalid input, you may cancel by “Reset” button. You may enter old or new number format. Old number format comes as nine numbers with ‘V’ or ‘X’ alphabetic character. Example: 820149894V. The first two numbers (82) represent the year of birth, and following three numbers (014) represent the month and date. New NIC number comes with twelve numbers. Example: 198201409894. The first four numbers are year of birth, and the following three numbers (014) are the month and date.


Three numbers after the year indicate the gender. Example: 014 from old format, 82014 and new format, 1982014. If three numbers come below 500, the candidate is a male. If three numbers go above 501, the NIC holder is a female. Example: 198201409894, here the three numbers 014 come below 500, and the NIC holder is a male.

Alphabetic character

The last alphabetic letter reveals the eligibility of voting. If it “V”, it tells “Voter”. If it “X”, it tells the National Identity Card holder is not eligible to vote. Today, the new NIC does not have such information.